How Does Freedompop Work?

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Get FreedomPop cell phone plan and high speed Internet Service! Basic mobile plans works as entirely free of cost! Users can also buy bigger plans with extra features at an affordable monthly rate. Share up to 25 GB at $5 across all lines!

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How Does Freedompop Work?
How Does Freedompop Work?

$17.50 $5.00


Unlike Sprint’s $15 Monthly unlimited plan, we would like to offer you FreedomPop for unlimited talk, text, and data. It includes additional services such as mobile phone and high-speed internet service for your convenience. It has more excellent plan with more features. Any of the plans looks highly affordable on monthly rate as well as we have 3 active deals for you. We would like to recommend you a SIM card (Global/Internet) or on a Medium or Small Business (SMB) and Family Plan subscription. This is how Freedompop work!

You must have known that FreedomPop work with a whole new 2020 fantastic plans to get mobile service. It provides an active function in various areas of US. We have our FreedomPop deals continually growing because of all new mobile phone plans and free internet service. We have mentioned that you can have a SIM card for you or your family or even greater plan for your SMB.

How Does FreedomPop Family Plan Work?

You have Family mobile phone plan that work with unlimited talk and text every month at 100% free. However, additional charges include on sharing up to 25 GB across all lines at the rate of $5 per line.

Now you save $1000’s every month with FreedomPop Family plan at 100% free subscription of the mobile phone. First of all, you can start at only two lines that include unlimited talk and text now every month. Besides, you get up to 25 GB of data sharing every month. Most of all, our FreedomPop work with no contracts or cancellation fees.

FreedomPop works well for your Family’s cell phone requirements. So they offer you a variety of flexible plans at the best price. We believe it is all you need for your Family phone requirements. You can choose among top brand smartphones. You can also bring your unlocked GSM smartphone at 100% free price coverage. On FreedomPop Family plan offers you a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Unlimited talk and text every month.
  • Shared data across all family mobile phone lines.
  • Less single price with a lower bill.
  • Monitor and manage your family plan online.
  • Blazing fast 4G LTE network speeds.
  • MMS and group messaging service.

How Does Freedompop Hotspot Work?

It is no doubt that FreedomPop Hotspot work as 100% free internet service, plus you get free shipping. But one-time activation requires $19.99. You have a free 2 GB premium trial but only during the first month of usage. FreedomPop hotspot works in limitation, but it is risk-free. You have a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Plans

    Basic /500

    • 500 MB
    • 2 GB
    • 3 GB
    • 4 GB
    • 5 GB
    • 10 GB

  • 4G LTE/3G Service

    4G /Only

    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes

  • Price Per Month

    Free /Every Month

    • $6.99
    • $24.99
    • $28.99
    • $34.99
    • $39.99
    • $74.99

Besides, your plan comes customizable. At your free internet hotspot subscription, you get a free battery and its charger. Moreover, FreedomPop hotspot include 4G LTE data every month. You can easily connect hotspot with any WiFi device and receive free internet at home or on go.

How Does FreedomPop Business Plan Work?

You can have 100% free business phone service for the first month. It is particularly established as a risk-free plan for your business. You can also pick your line number at only $29.99 per phone. The service work as unlimited talk, text and premium voice. You can share data across all lines with no contract and no commitments. Moreover, you can cancel your FreedomPop business plans service at any time! We can have everything flash bright with a chart basis.

  • Shared Data Plans

    Free /2 GB

    • 4 GB
    • 10 GB
    • 25 GB

  • Price Per Month

    Free /Every Month

    • $34.99
    • $74.99
    • $159.99

  • Unlimited Talk

    No limit /Monthly

    • Yes

  • Text Unlimited

    No limit /Monthly

    • Yes

How Does FreedomPop Work?

When you like FreedomPop, you might have a question. So, you must be thinking about how FreedomPop works? Also, a question may arise about the best buy service that is also free of cost.

The answer is VOIP, also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol. The calls you make and the texts you send using FreedomPop transmit from VOIP. It looks similar like technology used by cheap calling service like a well-known Skype. That means it uses data instead of old-style phone signals.

You know that VOIP stands much cheaper than tower signal-based cell phones. It doesn’t utilize much data. It works okay on average internet speed. So, that’s how it works!

You need to know that FreedomPop automatically charges according to the data you use. It merely means that if you reach your free data limit, you will be moving over the paid plan. It might go more when you use lots of data. Hence, it will be a good idea to monitor your data usage and use it wisely.

When you signup for a free plan and you would genuinely like to keep that freedom. In that case, you must be using data within the limit. Otherwise, you might turn up paying $15 FreedomPop cell phone plan. However, you can also turn off automatic top-ups. But when you reach the limit, you may not be able to use data anymore.

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How Does Freedompop Work?
FreedomPop is a genuinely free mobile and Internet service. The fact is that it requires no commitment or contract and not any cancellation fees. It is an excellent option for anyone looking to lower their mobile Internet costs.
Customer service
  • Free mobile and Internet service.
  • Extremely low plan prices across the board.
  • No contract and cancellation fees.
  • Limits data, talk, and text.
  • Not for generous data caps.

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  1. Doug Parsons

    Freedompop provides better value for money. The data speed looks much faster and coverage is just as good. Customer service is always be willing to help. However, I see lots of complaints of not providing proper help. So, just use the service up to a limit and avoid overusage. You will be perfectly satisfied.

    + PROS: Cheap plans. High speed data service. Good network coverage.
    - CONS: Not a satisfactory customer service as per the complaints.
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