FTC Disclosure

We like to disclose about the products and services offered on That Work Fast. For the requirement of Federal Trade Commission, it appears very essential to let our users know everything about site.

That Work Fast main target is to review the natural health products. Those health products include:

  1. Weight Loss Supplement.
  2. Pain relief oil.
  3. Natural sleep aid.
  4. Diabetes diet.

Those products must be working fast, but they are not meant to replace the advice of your medical health provider. You have your own responsibility for using it. So, it looks essential that you consult your physician or diet specialist before you start using any natural health products. Any of those products are not meant to heal any disease. But your body uses the supplement of those products to help you get results. That mean your body heals you not any diet pills.

That Work Fast FTC Disclosure

Our website and domain are hosted on highly reputed USA server. But only that information is not sufficient for FTC disclosure. So, we have mentioned everything pointwise:

  • Any information contained within this site is updated weekly. We cannot guarantee that the information is all the time correct, complete, and up-to-date.
  • That Work Fast contains the screenshots of products and services authorized to use for affiliation purpose. On dissatisfaction, contact the Administrator of this website for its removal.
  • We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy on our reviews as ‘we do not sell or trade our own products and services in this website’.
  • The Administrator truly writes all of the contents of this website. We never copy content from other copyright or non-copyright websites, blogs or posts.
  • Regarding the issue on any post content of this website, please contact us indicating it. We guarantee the removal within 24 hours upon every valid inquiry.
  • We don’t charge money for any downloads, signups, and purchase. But affiliated sites might charge you payment upon purchase.
  • We do not hold any responsibility for third party charge because we are only responsible for affiliation.
  • In a condition, you need a refund, contact the company that charged you the money.

Why You Should Trust Us?

We believe that our website exists because of our visitors. Without any users, That Work Fast or any other natural health products site cannot run at all. So, our high priority goes on the trust build up. We highly understand the importance of accuracy in reviews. But to make it possible we need our user’s feedback in the comments section.

We have invested a lot in plugins and themes to maintain reviews functionality of this website. Hence, we request everyone not to forget leaving a reply as feedback regarding the product and services. It will help everyone to conclude the quality.

Besides, the site has the functionality to calculate overall ratings based on editor’s and user’s reviews. Every guest and user can rate and comment on the product. The final conclusion is based on an accurate mathematical calculation from the theme function. None of the users or guest including Administrator have the rights to modify them!

What are these Natural Health Supplements?

Most of the natural health supplements are dietary products. They combine natural substance for healing found in different parts of the world. They are also based on ancient healing technology. You can get those supplements in various forms such as capsules, pills, power, and liquids. They promise that can they work fast without any side effects. As for example, keto diet pills promise that can make you thinner, smarter, and energetic.

In case of CBD oil, they are hemp extract. That means they manufacturer has extracted the contents that doesn’t gives you high from Weed plant. It is also known Cannabidiol in the form of oil. It is all the time said to provide relief form pain and inflammation. You can always read about those in our product review and find the facts.

Remember that the information provided in this website is not evaluated by FDA. It is because FDA only evaluates Food and Drug not supplement like these products.